Please Help Find Daniel


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Bosse Marie-Claude

Hello mr robinson,

My name is Marie-Claude Bosse and I live in Montreal, Quebec.

Tonight I was watching a TV series called “Disparus” where there are several episodes.

I don’t know if you are aware that in this series there is another case exactly like your son’s. The name of the missing young man is Jason Landry.

Like your son, he had a car accident, on an isolated road, he took off all his clothes and shoes, he left all his assets in the damaged car, wallet, cell phone, laptop, everything.
Just like your son Jason Landry was passionate about music and played the trumpet and several other musical instruments in high school.
I don’t know if there is a correlation with the music, but this hypothesis should perhaps be considered?

If I were you I would try to contact his parents. His dad Kent Landry for instance.
If you already know, forgive me for disturbing you.

Your’s trully 

Bosse Marie-Claude

Dear mister Robinson,

Please do not publish the message I just sent you. It’s for you only. I want to remain anonymous and I wrote to you on your personal FaceBook message.

Thank you,

Marie-Claude Bossé

Evelyn Davidson

So sorry for what you are going through, it is outrageous that you didn’t get full support from law enforcement. Sending love from Scotland x

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