Please Help Find Daniel

Specialized Operational Searches are on every Saturdays

The desert search will begin at 7:00 A.M off of Sun Valley Pkwy – Google Maps with a 6:45 AM safety briefing.

There will be a City Flyer Distribution every Saturday after each desert search at 03:15 PM until 06:30 PM. All information about searches will be on this website only and on official social media platforms listed here. website, Please Help Find Daniel ( Facebook) * Please Help Find Daniel (@PleaseHelpFind4) / Twitter , and  Please Help Find Daniel (@pleasehelpfinddaniel) • Instagram photos and videos 

There are no other pages, social media accounts, blogs, websites, groups, etc outside of what’s listed here that are associated with Daniel, me, or my family.

Anything outside of what is listed above is not part of my efforts to find my son Daniel and are a distraction and hinderance. All other places for information may reflect false and misleading information about my searches, information and facts about the case, and our family’s thoughts and views. 

Thanks to all the volunteers, the donators, and supporters who help me on this journey; I could not have done anything without you.

GOD Bless You and I love you all very much!! You are my extended family.

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Charlotte Pendergraft

So sad that this case hasn’t been given the news coverage the family deserved. What is wrong with this country when some missing are viewed as more important than other missing?!

C Pendergraft

Any news on your son?


It sure has not. I live right here and just heard about this for the first time. It’s time we change that. Mr. Robinson, I know you are busy. But I am certain I can help. Please contact me. My name is Dianna.

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