Public Search on December 04, 2021

Searches will begin at 7:00 A.M off of Sun Valley Pkwy – Google Maps There will be a safety briefing at 6:45 and we will start searches afterward.

Starting today, all information related to my search for Daniel, all factual information about the case, and correct contact information will be coming from the website, Please Help Find Daniel ( Facebook) * Please Help Find Daniel (@PleaseHelpFind4) / Twitter , and  Please Help Find Daniel (@pleasehelpfinddaniel) • Instagram photos and videos 

Though we own it will be phased out and no longer used. There are no other pages, social media accounts, blogs, websites, groups, etc that are associated with me or my family.

Anything outside of what I listed above is not part of my efforts to find my son Daniel and are a distraction and hinderance. All other places for information may reflect false and misleading information about my searches, information and facts about the case, and our family’s thoughts and views. 

Thanks to all the volunteers, the donators, and supporters who help me on this journey; I could not have done anything without you.

GOD Bless You and I love you all very much!! You are my extended family.


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