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David Robinson

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, I will be conducting my 16th Public Search for my son Geologist Daniel Robinson.

I will also be hosting a second Family Press Conference either at the Well site or Quarry near the area that the Jeep was found by the Rancher. More information on that will be coming this week.

I want to thank all the volunteers that come out week after week searching with me. Thank you so much!!

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Mr Robinson, my name is Charles. I cannot begin to imagine the distress you and your family are surely experiencing and I admire your determination to find answers. If you have a few minutes I’d like to ask you some questions about Daniel and offer two theories that I doubt have been explored. I wish for my questions to remain private for now or I would simply post them here. Please contact me at 9283505907 or at

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David Robinson

Hi, Charles.

Thank you for reaching out to me and I apologize for just responding. Thank you for your help and for your questions. You can reach out to me at 803.200.7994 by text or call. I will try my best to get to you as soon as possible. I will also attempt to call you if I don’t hear from you first. GOD Bless!!


Spent 5 hours out there today.

Mark P

We found a pair of “West Coast Choppers” sunglasses and turned them into the drone pilot ( Evan?). Was the father able to determine if they belonged to Daniel?

Phelina clement

I wonder if they were for Daniel

David Robinson

We looked at them and we didn’t find any pictures that matched them. Also, his sister looked at them and don’t remember him ever wearing them. Thanks.

David Robinson II

Thank you all for all the love and support that you have shown to me and my family. We are forever grateful to have people like you. The prayers, kind words of encouragement, tips, searches, and financial support have been a blessing and we thank you!
When I came to Arizona in search of my son and to find answers, I must admit, I was overwhelmed. I had to deal with the unknown, what to expect when I got here. As some of you may know, I left my home in Columbia, Sc, and have been here in Arizona since looking for Daniel. This is what any father would do for his child. Without thought, I packed my car and took the long trip here. I didn’t think about how much it would cost, where I would live, and how I would find my son. By instinct and my love for my son, I moved. I am here and since I have been here, I met many great people like yourself. I have never in my life felt so much love and support from anyone outside of my family and friends. I do not take any of you for granted and value your time and dedication to find someone that you do not know. You all took on my pain and help carry my burden; Thank you. I am forever grateful!
When I saw many of you out in the desert with me and my family, I was in awe seeing how focused you all were. You helped me learn about the Arizona desert’s terrain, how to organize searches, and how to stay safe while looking for my son.
Because of your financial support, I am able to fulfill my commitment to my son and live in Arizona, until he’s found, I am able to travel, obtain needed equipment, get help from professionals and organize.
I am here to represent my family. Daniel has a mother, Melissa, who has to carry this pain from afar. She lives in Columbia, Sc, and wishes that she could be here in Arizona. I ask you all to continue to pray for her because it’s the most difficult thing that a mother has to go through. She rather not be in the public eye, but she’s not invisible, she’s here with me, she and our children. Daniel also has four other siblings that love him and are devastated that he’s missing. Only one of his siblings lives here in Arizona, the others are in South Carolina and in California. Daniel has grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, and close friends that share in the pain. We all want Daniel back and thank you all for helping us get there.
Again, my family and I thank you. I will never forget the outpouring of love that you have given me and to my family. GOD Bless You!!

David Robinson II

Thank you Paul for everything that you do and have done.


Mr. Robinson
It was a priviledge to help today.we will continue praying for you and your family. God bless you.

David Robinson II

Thank you Tracey! I am happy that you were able to come out. Thank you for the prayers. I believe in them. We need a lot of prayers right now. I appreciate you showing love by coming out. Thank you. GOD Bless!!


May he be found . May God be holding him in his arms . Prayers for your family we will keep hope and prayer

David Robinson II

Hi Lauren
Thank you for the prayer. Thank you for your support. It’s a tough road but with people like yourself, you make that road a little easier to cross. GOD Bless you.


David, We are all touched by your graciousness and thoughtfulness. We can’t imagine your conflicting emotions and having to live each day with the “what ifs”. Hopefully, one day the “what if’s” can be put to rest…either literally or spiritually. One way or the other you will find peace.

David Robinson II

Hi Jeff.
I believe that too. GOD will answer our questions, HE will also help me (us) find my son. I believe in faith, without it, I wouldn’t be able to see past what’s in front of me. I know that GOD will help me see my son again.
As the days go by, it’s challenged but I keep holding on. Thank you for all that you do Sir.

Amanda Melendez

I brought my daughter with me to attend the search. I am a mother of 5 and a grand mother of 5 and I can’t even imagine what you and his mother are feeling. From the very 1st day that I heard he was missing I was praying that he was found alive. Now, I’m just praying that we do find him. I am determined to spread the news of Daniel. And the help that is still very much needed. I promise you this David. I WON’T STOP helping you until Daniel is found. Our “police” services SUCK!!!! And I am very disappointment in them. Smh!!! Oh well! Im not stopping until Daniel is found. I hope we’re having a search this upcoming Saturday? Right?

David Robinson II

Thank you Amanda for your labor of love. I thank your daughter for coming out with you. You both are much appreciated by me and my family. I came here not knowing what to expect, I am surrounded by loving people like yourself.
Thank you for your desire to continue to help me and my family find Daniel. Daniel has always desire to see people come together, in these hurtful circumstances, he has brought us together. I from the bottom of my heart thank you for coming to our rescue and search with us. I can’t do this without you, you are a blessing. Thank you! GOD Bless you!!

Amanda Melendez

Did you see that comment above about the sunglasses that were found? West coast choppers sunglasses??? Somebody please respond back to me please.

David Robinson II

Hi, Amanda

I have not heard about sunglasses being found. Where were they found? Was it on our search day?

Amanda Melendez

Yes. It was the past weekend’s search. Do you know if he wears “West coast choppers” sunglasses? Was he into WCC?


It is more likely that one of the hundreds of one of the dozen search parties dropped the sunglasses.

Amanda Melendez

So what happened with the glasses? Any leads?

Phelina clement

I pray Daniel is found soon I pray he is safe somewhere & y’all get help from the local fbi/police Daniel’s life matters. If I lived closer I would be helping search be safe. I will continue to put Daniel’s story in the public eye 🙏🏼 #danielrobinson #bringdanielhome

David Robinson

Hi, Phelina

Thank you for sharing Daniel’s story. That is very important and will help me in my search. That’s help enough. I appreciate your prayers and support. GOD Bless You!


some caring YT channels are going to start digging Scott H ..Q carlock and another John Q if you want to check them

David Robinson

Thank you

Randy McGarvey

I have a few post on Facebook asking for help. Have we changed the meeting location? It was 29110 W McDowell Road.
Please confirm the meeting location so I can update the post.



Just to confirm, we don’t need an off road vehicle to make it to the search site?

Andrew T

Is it possible to have the coordinates of the meeting location? I can’t find the intersection of Cactus Rd and Sun Valley PKWY on Apple Maps.

Andrew T

Here are the coordinates of the meeting location 33.595308, -112.686609. I had trouble finding the meeting location on Apple Maps.

David Robinson II

Thank you Andrew for giving the coordinates.

Carlos Colon

Sector map appears to not be working.


Is there Drone pilots already searching the area?


Rzr1 covered grid 1140/1141/1240 heading to 1241 should be done by11:00


Trying to locate Bryan (who helped ferry me back to my white toyota 4 runner on the 24th). If you see this, call me 602-770-0875

Amanda Melendez

Are we having another search this coming up Saturday?

Christy Solko

Will there be another search this Saturday? If not will the sector map be updated if we go out on our own? I want to try and get more people together if possible to help.

Tracey A Oreilly-Kozeny

I just wanted to double check regarding this upcoming Saturday. Also appreciate you getting the word out.


Spent several hours out there today.


⚠️ Just a word of caution to all out looking. We found fresh & unmistakable mountain lion tracks in grids 1739 & 1840 today. Like, within a day fresh. Be cautious, be armed & don’t be alone.

Amanda Melendez

Yes, the rancher told us that their is a mountain lion there. A fox flew right infront us running FAST…. There’s many scavenger out there! That’s why it’s best if you have your weapon on you. Or atleast someone in your group does. Because we looked under trees. And i don’t want to be caught off guard by one.


Spent several hours out looking again today.


Out there too this AM.


Ah…date and time stamp off by 7 hours forward. Was out the morning of the 6th, 2021.


Andrew, Were the tracks basically in Wagner Wash or a close side wash then?


The tracks were south of wagner in the valley just north of the vehicle recovery location. Also found several this morning in the immediate area south of the recovery location. Opened a gate for a game & fish official on my way out, maybe he was going to look around? I don’t know.


Spent several hours out looking today, met some wonderful locals out there looking too. Just know that even when it’s not an official day, the search never stops.

Amanda Melendez

If I know when somebody else will be out there, I’ll be out there with you! There is not 20 mins that go by without me thinking/ talking/ informing/ crying for Daniel. I had a job interview on Monday and they asked “What kind of things are you in to”? And my answer was “right now my goal in life is to find Daniel Robinson. Oh you don’t know his story? Do you watch the news? Yeah, I know our news stations suck! Tell them Daniel’s story. I let them know about Saturday’s search. I try my hardest to recruit them to the search.
So, to answer your question right now my goal in life is to find Daniel Robinson for his parents, so they can take him home.”

Now I have the same exact convo with the cashier at the grocery store. Standing in line at circle k to anyone who will listen. I’m THAT person who won’t stop talking about him. So if I know when someone else will be out there. Or if I can join someone then I’ll be out there EVERYDAY with y’all right now. It KILLS me that I have to wait until Saturday’s to search. I’m able and willing to be out there everyday. But I drive a Nissan maxima and my fear is to end up in a situation that Daniel ended up in and getting stuck in a ravine, ALONE. So, if anyone can post back to me I’d appreciate it. And I’ll be there on Saturday.

Tracey A Oreilly-Kozeny

To the Robinson Family


It has been our honor. We wish the Robinsons the best in their continued efforts.


I just learned about this on CNN. I am appalled your son has been missing and it with his vehicle found as it was it seems it should be upgraded to a criminal investigation. I’m very sorry this happened and good job getting the media involved, keep it up and I’ll forward the story to everyone I know. Wishing you strength and God bless.

David Robinson

Thank you, Ken
It’s been a long journey getting attention to my son’s case. I’m grateful that CNN and others are taking it seriously. Thank you for your support and sharing. That is important;. the more it’s shared, the more people will be out looking and listening.

Linda Torrez

Four tall men, 7ft or 8ft tall, light skin color and in a aircraft flew over Daniel’s jeep and he has knees buckle holding on the top of his Jeep engine and they walk towards him. And suspect are in a fbi agency in a Kennedy stealth hover crafts, look for fuel up of jet engine fuel similar to jet fuel near his Jeep. Hand print of Daniel on left side top engine holding tight from chest pains in his heart, chemical was dropped on him. Check jeep for chemicals cloride bromide or caustic soda and Chuy Hernandez is his name in the aircraft. Thank you. I am psychic notarized. Thank you.

David Robinson

Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m not understanding your response, I’m happy and grateful for your support. Thank you!! GOD Bless!


Hi David. Thinking of you & your family.

sara in CO

David Robinson

Hi, Sara.

Thank you very much for your love and support. I appreciate you!


Question. Is there video/concrete proof that kenneth was at the job site from 9a – 3p or is that just his version of the story?

David Robinson

No, the entire story rests on his statement. We do not have video or concrete proof as far as I know. I was not made aware of any video footage or concrete proof. In the police report, they simply questioned him.

David Robinson

Hi, Sharon

Thank you for your questions. No, it has not been confirmed that my son had or didn’t have a change of clothes. I can tell you that what he was wearing to work that day was found near the vehicle. Thank you.

Paul Adams

Hello to each and every volunteer who assisted with Daniel’s search over the last 15 weeks. I wanted to let you all know that I have gracefully stepped down as the lead search coordinator. It has been a pleasure, an honor and a blessing for me to have served the Robinson family and to assist and serve with each and every one of you. I will miss being out there with you all, but know my heart will be out there with you all. I will continue to pray that Daniel is found and may possibly come out as a volunteer searcher when I can.

Respectfully, Paul Adams ~

Trent Bates

Is there an ATV (4wheeler) where a person could assist search tomorrow?

Trent Bates

Sorry, arc rental company

Trent Bates

ATV sorry I can’t type

Trent Bates

After calling around the area, I couldn’t find anyone to rent 4wheelers. Any suggestions?

David Robinson

You can try Phoenix ATV and Jetski rentals on Mountainview Drive in Phoenix. They have a lot.


If he was on the job when this occurred is his employer able to assist with resources? Maybe helping with hiring searchers who have survivalist training so they can go to areas that most people cannot? Or help with an aircraft that could search this grid (maybe a crop duster or helicopter)? I am sure this came up before but thought I would ask.


David Robinson

I agree. However, they do have employees who come out to help in searches on their days off.

Cedar Stevens

I am hoping to hear about the search on nov. 20 and the press conference. Hoping and praying for some good news.

David Robinson

Hi, Cedar

Thank you for your interest. The Press Conference did go well. I didn’t get the coverage that I had hoped for. I will be putting together footage that my team took. I hope to post on Twitter soon.


Happy Thankgiving to the Robinson family and all the people who have been surrounding this family .Have a blessed day ❤

David Robinson

Thank you!! I hope that your Thanksgiving weekend went well. I hope that you were able to spend time with those you love. Thank you!!

Terri Z

Mr. Robinson, I will keep you, your family in my prayers. I saw your press conference on ickedMel YouTube channel. Please know I heard you and made a donation. I so respect you sir as a father and an American. You and Daniel deserve better. God bless you and keep you, your investigators and all searchers safe.

David Robinson

I appreciate your prayers Terri. Thank you for the donation. I am grateful for your love and support. I too hope that you are blessed and protected. GOD Bless You!!


Was the red paint a metallic maroon color, and was it car level or truck level? Or has it been determined to be of non vehicular paint..? The second well he was going to survey was it west of the first? Gps coordinates? The damage to the jeep that was thought to be intrusive in nature, more details into suspected mechanism.. thanks..God bless.

David Robinson

Hi, Slim. The paint transfer is being looked into. When the Buckeye PD had the vehicle for a few days, they failed to even see the transfer paint. They were in a rush to come up with a theory without doing even basic forensics work.
My investigators are doing this job for them. That transfer paint is being looked into.
I don’t know the exact direction from the second well site the first well site is located. I do know that it’s closer to Phoenix than the last. Thank you for your support.


I can’t help search as I live across the country, but I wanted to tell you that you and your family are in my thoughts, and I hope more than anything Daniel is found. I will support any other way I can and share his information on my social media. Stay strong!

David Robinson

Hi, Caitlin.

Thank you very much!! It’s much appreciated. We need all the thoughts and support that we can get. Sharing about my son’s case is very important. Thank you. GOD Bless!!

Charlie M

I cant come, but I just hope you find him. this case is worth 10,000,000,000 tears.

David Robinson

Hi, Charlie

Thank you for your support and love. It is very depressing and frustrating. I know that GOD will help me find my son. I will bring him back home to his Mother and Siblings.

N.W. Dowling

Mr. Robinson,
 I am a professional searcher for missing people, last night I was looking at your case and I wanted to make a few suggestions that I feel could help in your efforts.
 After looking at your map, I assume it is updated frequently. The yellow pin, appears to be a labeled as a alleged tracking 7/19/21. Standing from that location at night, where do you see light? It should be prominent to the NE direction. Following that trail, toward the lights would lead to the unsearched grids of 2242, 2243,2444, and 2545. Between grids 2242 and 2243 is W. Sun Valley Pkwy. The issue is that at this intersection, the road is heading NW away from the lights.
 Most cases I have worked, The individual will forgo the road and head towards the path they feel will bring them to a destination faster due to the dire urgency. If he made it grid 2545, he would have taken the W. Sun Valley Pkwy, and would have been found. In grid 2544 there is a structure in the SE corner that needs to be searched. I don’t know the time of day of the crash, and its likely there may have been injuries sustained in the crash. He looked to be in physical shape and with his line of work requiring hiking. I would estimate his walking abilities to be 10 miles without additional supplies. This would allow him 3+ hours of walking time before exhaustion set in, which would make these grids possible.
 Most people that are stranded start leave their location in search of help in the later afternoon . It is a Arizona desert and I don’t know the temperature for that day as I am writing this. I assume he walked at night based on my experience and if so, he would use whatever closest landmark as a direction to civilization.

David Robinson

Hi, N.W. Dowling

Thank you for that tip!! I will most definitely check into that. We are working very hard to cover all the grid areas that we couldn’t reach yet. That’s why it’s important that I maintain support through volunteers and resources. There is equipment that I still need that will aid my searches in checking areas a lot faster. Most important is the number of volunteers that come out. The areas that you mention are on our list and we will search those. In fact, we may be there this weekend.
I can also let you know that I don’t know where my son Daniel was last after being seen by the gentleman at the Wellsite and the Federal Agent out in that area. I do know that it’s more plausible that he was not anywhere near to where that Jeep was found. That’s why I agree with you that those areas need to be searched. Again, we are working on that. Thank you so much for your help. GOD Bless You!!


I saw the chat logs in the YouTube video. Do you know what podcast his new friend told him to listen to? I think this is important

David Robinson

Hi, Emile

I hope that all is well with you. Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate your support. I can’t remember what that podcast name was that was given to my son. I did view part of it and didn’t see any significant thing in that video that would have any relation to my son’s disappearance.
I can tell you that between my investigator and me, we are not leaving any stones unturned. We are checking everything that we can. Thank you again. GOD Bless Youu!


I’ve been wondering about that also. I just read the Rolling Stone story that mentioned the podcast as being from Eckhart Tolle.


I’ve been riding ATV’s out there with friends before, and we found this old mine shaft. I noticed the sector map already has it covered, but wanted to let you know just in case! I saved it on my map a few years back: 33.622807320866734, -112.63714289698714

Katy Gonzalez

Hey y’all! I just wanted to offer my thoughts and prayers to your family. I just wanted to let you know that many podcasts (especially true crime ones) are featuring this case to get the word out about Daniel. I have my own small podcast that I will be featuring it on, but have heard it mentioned on bigger-name ones.

i also have a dumb question/suggestion: have you used any drones/those with personal drones to help with the search? They usually have good quality cameras and are versatile in being close and/or far away. I hope this helps and finds you well.

i will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and try to get the word out.

With love,
From Omaha, Nebraska

David Robinson

Hi, Katy!

Thank you so much for the prayers and for thinking about us. It’s great to hear that my son’s name is getting out there. The more it does, the wider the search is. It also helps someone if they heard and saw anything to know that we are looking for Daniel.
What’s the name of your podcast? Maybe I can interview with your podcast as well. Be Blessed and thank you!!

Oh, yes, we utilize drones at times when they are available, but always need more.

Katy Gonzalez

Hey David! I am thinking about featuring it within the next few weeks. I am currently trying to get as much information as I can about it. I would love to interview you if you’d like. My podcast is called What the Psychology?! You might have seen me on Twitter, I try to share your posts as much as possible. Feel free to email me at and we can try to set up a time for an interview. I want to do as much as I can to help. Oh, by the way, GO AIR FORCE. I separated from the military almost two years ago. I am only three years older than Daniel. I have some friends out in Phoenix that I will try to contact to see if they can help with anything. God Bless You. Please reach out. I don’t have a big fan base, but I know a lot of other podcasters who have been sharing your posts as well.

With love,

Katy G

David Robinson

Hi, Katy

Thank you for the love and support… I will email you for more information. I hope that all is well with you. GOD Bless and thanks. Thank you for your service.


Hi there, I recently heard about this search. I don’t live in Arizona, but I’m donating and I also just want to say that I am sending my thoughts out to Daniel. Best of luck, and kudos to your determination.

David Robinson

Thank you, Henry.
I appreciate your love and support. We will bring my son home. I am keeping the faith. GOD Bless!!

M von vix

My heart and prayers goes out for Daniel and his family first of all and I would pray he is found! And also the all who help Daniels father in search and investigation of him!
I found this missing case on you tube and was shocked now how this has been handled by the authoritys over there.
Even though i am not american I am european. And I noticed some roumors wich I am not sure of but if some of you who lives there and might do or done some other illegal things that you dont want to be snooped or further investigated in, I suggest its time to help out to find his son, cause sooner the better and they wont search into those areas if you are concerned and the cops there wont either apperently but we other searcher will continue until we find Daniel! And i heard people sent threat to the father, stop that and give us the location of Daniel onto the anonymous tip line 844-602-0660 either call or text.
Its time to bring Daniel home! Or get out there and help into the search to find him! And sending regards to father and family❤️ /M

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