Public / Volunteer Searching for Daniel Robinson

Next Search will be on December 04, 2021 at 07:00 AM To 11:00 AM. The Safety Briefing at 06:45 AM.
(I encourage you to attend the safety briefing)
Thanks for your help!!
Also, The First City Search For Daniel will Begin At 03:00 PM To 5:30 PM On December 04, 2021. (Information and Meeting Place Will Be Available By Wednesday)

Please volunteer to search for Daniel Robinson this Saturday (12/04/21) our search operation will be focused on both foot searching as well as using off road vehicles. The City Search will be focused on the homeless population around the Phoenix downtown areas.

We will be meeting for our 17th search on Saturday morning (12/04/21) at 6:45am. The meeting location will be at Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Rd in Buckeye. We will have a briefing to discuss safety and search techniques required for this weekend, and then begin searching at about 7am. We are planning on concluding the search by 11am.

We are in need of both foot searchers and those who have 4×4 vehicles, ATVs (off road vehicles) that can be used. We will be searching the Hassayampa River wash south parallel and west of the location where Daniel’s vehicle was found and about 3 miles south down the Hassayampa River wash as well as further west.

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Please Help Find Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson was last seen the morning of June 23, 2021 leaving his worksite in Buckeye, AZ. He was driving his 2017 blue-grey Jeep Renegade and is believed to have headed west, deeper into desert terrain.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2021, Daniel’s vehicle was found by a rancher a little over two and a half miles from the worksite in a remote part of the desert. The vehicle was recovered; Daniel was not found.

Daniel has an innate passion for adventure and is known to travel in opportune moments. However, he always has communicated with family on his travel plans. That day, Daniel was on the job when he went missing and was said to have been last seen by a worker from another company who worked with him at a Well. He made plans to be with family before going missing and looked forward to that meeting in July. Daniel is a Scientist that love nature, love his family and expressed plans for his future.


A Missing Persons report was filed the evening Daniel was last seen, and since then our family have utilized all avenues to get law enforcement’s help by asking them to launch an investigation into what happend to Daniel. 

Our next goal is to continue pushing forward to find out what happened to Daniel, even if it means no help from law enforcement. We will continue to seek support from anyone who wants to help. We won’t settle for the minimum amount of searches and support sworn law enforcement officers and detectives are giving Daniel’s case. The way that Daniel’s case was handled from day one by law enforcement can easily cause him to become one of the many missing without ever having answers. 

This website was created by the Robinson Family. There is no other website that is associated with us. This Website is were you will get up-to-date information that we can share with the public. Also, I will express the facts as I know them. Please join the blog (Community Chat) to discuss with the family directly.

Thank you for your support, love, and prayers.  GOD Bless!!

-David Robinson II